Sustainability At Our Core:

At BREATH:ABLES, we are deeply committed to building a better world for tomorrow. We believe that today's actions shape the future, and that's why sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

For the People:

We value the incredible support of our customers and prioritize working with small vendors and artisans. By putting their work front and centre, we strive to make their businesses sustainable. We ensure fair wages for our employees, exceeding industry standards, and actively promote gender equality , diversity and inclusion by incorporating more women into our workforce. Through training programs and employment opportunities, we uplift the communities we work with.

For the Environment:

We take responsibility for our environmental footprint. From using azo-free chemicals in our fabric dyeing and printing processes to minimizing fabric wastage in our designs, we are dedicated to reducing our impact. We transform production waste into new products like accessories , jewellery , footwear , mattress fillings , carry bags , travel pouches etc avoiding unnecessary landfill. Our goal is to eliminate plastic usage in our processes by 2025.

Making a Lasting Impact:

We believe that fashion should be a force for good. With each purchase from BREATH:ABLES, you are not only investing in high-quality nightwear but also contributing to a more sustainable future. Together, let's create a more sustainable future and make a difference in the world.

We welcome your suggestions on how we can become an even more sustainable and environmentally friendly brand. Connect with us at