About Us

Welcome to our cozy world of sleepwear called BREATH:ABLES, where we believe that comfort and style should never be mutually exclusive. 

BREATH:ABLES is an exclusive SL-oungewear brand. BREATH:ABLES was conceived from what we believe are non-negotiables in life:
1. Comfort
2. A Good Night's Sleep
3. Look Good, Feel Good
4. Dress Well ( even at home )

SL-oungewear - What's That ?

SL-oungewear can be be worn anywhere anytime all day long. You can SLEEP, LOUNGE, TRAVEL and more in these garments. 

Our products are made from soft, lightweight and breathable fabrics, designed to keep you cool and comfortable all day and night. 

We also understand that fashion shouldn't be limited to the outside world. So we've curated a collection of trendy and fashionable night suits , loungewear and co-Ord sets designed to keep you looking stylish even when you're relaxing at home.

We believe that garments should also be durable, so our products are made to last. Our fabrics are carefully selected for their durability, so you can enjoy your BREATH:ABLES pieces for many days and nights to come.

Thank you for choosing BREATH:ABLES as your go-to brand for SL-oungewear . We hope to help you sleep soundly and comfortably every night!